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Alaïs Lienard

Alaïs Lienard

PhD student (LEEC, France)

Curriculum Vitae

I have been passionate about nature since I was a child, and I always wanted to work with animals. I did several summer classes in a zoological park, learning about animals and how to handle birds. After a scientific high-school degree, I studied biology in the University of Rennes (France) for 3 years. Then, I studied environmental management in the University of Tours (France) which enabled me to get a bachelor's degree in biology and environment. I continued my studies with a Master of Ethology in the University Sorbonne Paris Nord (France). I realised my first internship on the drawing behaviour of Orang-outans (Pongo pygmeus) in the university of Strasbourg (France) during which I used both observational methodology and artificial intelligence (using Python). 

For my master thesis, I am currently working on the conspecific brood parasitism in spotless starling (Sturnus unicolor). The main objectives of this research are to understand the factors affecting (i) the variations of parasitism rate among years, (ii) the host nest choice by the parasitic female, and (iii) the survival of the parasitic nestling.

In another field, I am going to explore counting skills in Acanthurus triostegus larvae in French Polynesia using virtual reality in a near future. Naturally curious, I aspire to participate in different research projects and to learn more about animal behaviour.

Latest publication

Pelé M, Thomas G, Liénard A, Eguchi N, Shimada M, Sueur C. 2021. I wanna draw like you: Inter- and intra-individual differences in orang-utan drawings. Animals, 11(11), 3202