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Ana Ángela Romero Haro

Postdoctoral Researcher (IREC, UCLM)

Research Themes

My research is framed inside the evolutionary ecophysiology, focusing on the physiological mechanisms underlying the expression of the life-history traits. Particularly, my work addresses the long-lasting and inter- and transgenerational effects of the stress faced during the development, as well as physiological constraints and costs of the reproductive investment. I have principally studied the oxidative stress and the telomeres’ dynamic as physiological biomarkers because both factors are closely related to the resolution of the life-history trade-offs and the ageing process. Birds are my main study models, particularly the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata), the red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) and the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica).

Curriculum Vitae

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Córdoba. I was granted with a “FPI” fellowship for developing my PhD at the Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos (IREC, CSIC-UCLM-JCCM), in Ciudad Real. Throughout my postdoctoral research I have worked in several European research institutes, including the University of Zurich (Switzerland), the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany), the University of Strasbourg (France) and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). I was a “Marie-Curie” post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Exeter (UK). Currently, I am working in the IREC as a post-doctoral “Maria Zambrano” research fellow.