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Diego Hermán Rodríguez

Diego Hermán Rodríguez

Master Student (IREC, UCLM / UCO)

Curriculum Vitae

My name is Diego Hermán Rodríguez, and I am graduated in Biology from the University of Córdoba. During my studies, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Wildlife Research Unit (UIRCP), assisting in the collection of samples from deer and wild boars during hunts for subsequent analysis. This involved studies such as the analysis of the ventral dark patch in deer or the correlation between supplementary diet and the reproductive success of wild boars.

My profound passion for biology and my enthusiasm to continue learning have fueled my enjoyment of my degree, driven further by the invaluable support and guidance from professors and researchers at the university.

Currently, I am enrolled in the master’s program in Environmental Management and Biodiversity, also at the University of Córdoba. Throughout this academic year, I will be developing my master's thesis at the IREC, examining how diet quality affects food begging signals in nestlings of spotless starling.

I am thrilled to continue my research journey in the field of ecology and conservation at IREC, where I hope to contribute my passion and dedication to scientific research