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Irene García Celada

Irene García Celada

Master student

Research Themes

The aim of my project is to explore the fitness consequences of personality traits in spotless starlings (Sturnus unicolor). We want to know whether individuals with similar personalities are more likely to pair and how the combination of phenotypes within a pair affects reproductive output.


I’m fascinated about studying and understanding wildlife so, in the future, I would like to participate in projects that fight for the conservation and to find the balance in the coexistence between humans and animals.


Curriculum Vitae

I obtained my university degree in Biology of organisms and systems at the University of Girona (UdG) in 2015. After having participated in projects and studies on the conservation, protection and restoration of ecosystems and their biodiversity, I decided to continue my studies in this direction by carrying out the Master in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (Paris-Saclay University) to finally focus on the Conservation Biology. Through this master I found the opportunity to work with these wonderful starlings...