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Isabel López-Rull

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Isabel López-Rull

2010, Universidad Complutense

Research Themes

My current research interests are centered on the understanding of animal behavior in the light of life history strategies and sexual selection. Particularly I am interested in the function and evolution of colorful signals in birds and on the physiological mechanisms underlying sexual behavior.


Curriculum Vitae

As PhD student at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Spain) I worked with Diego Gil on two aspects related with maternal effects: yolk androgen deposition and eggshell coloration using the spotless starling as a model species. After that, I did two postdocs at the Instituto de Ecología, UNAM (México), first with Constantino Macías studying the role of uropigial gland secretions in the enhancement of sexual signals in the house finch, and then with Roxana Torres in topics related to the evolution and function of colorful ornaments in seabirds. Currently I have a postdoctoral contract at the University of Tlaxcala (México) with Leticia Nicolás to study the physiological trade-offs of ornamental coloration.