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Isabel López

Isabel López

Master student (MNCN, CSIC)

Curriculum Vitae

I studied a degree in Biology at the University of Granada with a one-year exchange at the UTS of Sydney. During my degree, I developed a keen interest in evolutionary ecology and animal behaviour. I have had the opportunity to participate in different projects, such as a research on the use of anthropogenic material in black bird nests (Turdus merula) at the Zoology Department of the UGR, and a study on the geographic song variation of the spectacled warbler (Sylvia conspicillata) with the bioacoustics group of Charles University, Prague. I have musical and drawing education, both of which have been useful for my career, for example, analysing acoustic signals in birds or creating scientific illustrations for posters.

I am currently in Madrid studying the Master in Ecology (UAM-UCM) and doing my final degree thesis and internship in the MNCN-CSIC under the supervision of Dr. Diego Gil, exploring the song variation of spotless starlings (Sturnus unicolor) in relation with their age.