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Silvia Casquero

Silvia Casquero

PhD student (IREC, UCLM)

Curriculum Vitae

I studied a degree in Biology and a master in Zoology in the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Throughout the time I was studying Biology, I started collaborating in a research group in the Zoology department on a project about vectors of avian malaria in blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) and pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca). Later, in my master thesis, I tasted a different zoology branch with an ecotoxicology experiment of soil in earthworms (Eisenia fetida and Dendrobaena veneta). On the other hand, I have collaborated several times in activities of the conservation project Life+IBERLINCE. Moreover, I’m lucky to have a zoologist mother, who has always transmitted her love with nature, and an ornithologist uncle, who has taken me to the field to ringing birds. My favorite branch of zoology is probably birds, especially passerine, but I love the whole animal world so, in the future, I don’t reject the idea of exploring more branches.

My actual research line focuses on how the maternal condition (oxidative stress, age, physiological condition…) can affect the early stages of development in the offspring. I’m working with a well-studied population of spotless starlings (Sturnus unicolor) where we can make experiments under natural conditions in order to figure out how these mechanisms work.